Course of Action post 3

Who knew I would have so many options in the course of my treatment. Two things we know for sure is, this has to come out, and chemo treatment is a must. After talking with my doctor for over an hour and a half, I have come to the decision to have both breasts removed. This was highly recommended by my surgeon and oncologist, but was left as an option to me. I could choose to only have the lump or 1 breast removed and follow with radiation treatment. This course of action left me with a great risk of cancer returning. I knew right away I would not take that risk. I know that this will not only be hard on me but awful for my husband and small children.  I felt that I owe it to them to do everything I can to make sure my family does not have to go through this again. Dr. Felix also explained to me that should I choose to not accept chemotherapy I would have an 80% or more chance of this returning. Again, I could not take that risk.

Monday I will meet with my surgeon to go over my pending bilateral mastectomy. During this surgery I will also have a port put in place. This will enable me to receive the chemotherapy medication. Pending a successful surgery and 4 weeks of healing I will then begin treatment.

I feel like I have been waiting forever to get started with this. Waiting has been the worst part of this whole process. Every day that I wait my mind seems to play tricks on me. I keep thinking that I can feel this stupid thing growing. I have began to get headaches and with every little once of tenderness I have I keep thinking “Oh my this is spreading.” I am so thankful, since I have seen the results of my PET scan, which showed me that the cancer has not yet spread, these feeling have been so much better.

I never imagine I would ever say this but I can not wait to get these stupid boobs cut off!


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  1. Ellen says:

    Dear Warrior: I am a friend of your mom’s and a breast cancer survivor. My faith and the support of family and friends is what got me through my fight with cancer. I can feel the strength of your faith through you words. There is no doubt you will beat this awful thing and come out stronger while being an inspiration to others who are fighting the fight. You are truly a warrior! I will continue to pray for you and your family. Sending love and healing thoughts your way. God is good, every day. God bless you. Love, Ellen XOXO

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  2. Jane Rice says:

    Stephanie I am so sorry you are facing this. I just got home from work and Rick was telling me about it right away. So thankful for your peace and will be praying for it.

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  3. Jeannie Gregory Justice says:

    Stephanie you have the BEST surgeon and oncologist . I’m so sorry but your faith in God will get you though this. I remember having the same thoughts you are having . You are in my thoughts & prayers. Love you!!!

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