Expect the Unexpected

Make a plan and God laughs! I was doing so good. I had it all figured out and had prepared my self for surgery this week. Today My parents and I went to my surgeons office to plan for my double mastectomy. I was looking forward to getting it done this week so we could march right along to chemo in 5 weeks. This would put our long awaited weekend get away right at the 4 week mark. I was so excited thinking I was going to have a final hoorah before the big battle.

WRONG! When he walked in he asked what I understood about what needed to be done. I explained that I had been told, should I choose not to accept the most aggressive treatment available I would have an 86% chance of breast cancer returning to my body. He agreed but then pointed this out. The placement of my tumor is so high, right on the edge of my chest wall and breast tissue . It is also very large. Maybe the size of a lime. Should he try to remove it without taking necessary measures to try and shrink it before hand, he would have a hard time getting clear margins. Clear margins are very important in this case, making sure there is enough good tissue left around the bad, so to make sure all of the bad cells are taken out!

I am completely fine with this plan. I have chosen from the beginning to take this as it comes and go with the flow! God is in control of this NOT ME! Tomorrow I go to what they call chemo education. I am looking forward to this so much! I like to be prepared for what’s to come. This Friday I will be having a port put in. This will make it easier on everyone, but mostly me. they will be able to draw blood from my port and also this is where my chemo will be given. I have been told, should the chemo touch the skin. It will begin to eat it up. I picture it being like acid bubbling and shriveling up to noting, but that’s just my imagination. I’m opting for the port, just to make sure this doesn’t happen!

So Monday is the big day then. I get my first dose of poison. Of course I’m nervous. who wouldn’t be? But I have faith. I have great doctors that I know will treat my every symptom to their best of abilities and  thank God I am able to take off work and focus on caring for myself!



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  1. Shelley says:

    There is no sense in negativity and you seem to know that so well. Dave and I are going to love you through this.


  2. Libby Stover says:

    You and family will be in my prayers.I wish you the best. 🙏📖👣✝

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