My New Friend

Today I had another procedure done. Implanted in my upper right chest area is now a mediport. I don’t know why  I thought it was going to be like a cap they could open to have access to the inside of my body. lol   NOPE it is completely under my skin. I don’t even have stiches! It just feels so weird to have something just under your skin. IF you’re not squeamish next time you see me  ask to feel it! It’s just bizarre. This port will be my friend throughout the process. Of course they use this to administer my chemo but also they can draw blood from this. Hopefully this will save my from a little bit of torcher!

I came across this little quote and thought it couldn’t be more true. There are always going to be obstacles to face in life. But they will only drown us if we let them. Learn to surf!



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  1. Linda Stiglitz says:

    You will learn to love that port as you go through your treatment but you will love the day they take it out even more. Mine had grown in so much they had to dig it out but not that bad and so happy to have it gone. Praying your treatments go easy for you.

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  2. Laurelyn ditmer says:

    my mom was thankful for her port every time they had to draw blood because she has crappy veins.

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  3. Kelly says:

    Hey there just read everything and loved every word . Couldn’t help but want to cry but not out of sadness but out of overwhelming feeling that God has you! You know your Healing ,peace and every step u take comes from the Father. God is and will walk with you and Chad And the boys the whole way through this! When u said you got this overwhelming feeling at church that music and everything was for you that’s because it was I really believe that God speaks to us in so many ways. So proud of you !’keep your eyes on the lord . I really feel in my heart God is so proud of you and you will reach many people through this blog and telling people who the lord is!! So Amen and keep sharing!


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